Top 5 things I have learned about branding?

dianne meinke banner 3.png

1. Not every image created should go on every object. There are merchandise creation sites where you upload your art and they will put your image on ever—-ree–y thing. Looks worse than your neighbors garage sale and that’s where it’ll probably end up.

2. Not every painting or artwork is a good branding design. Some are meant to just remain as a painting or a sketch, etc.

3. Color, text and balance are very important to a successful design. Where you place the image, the contrast, the tone and the vibrance are crucial elements to consider. The type of font, size of font and most importantly font placement can make or break a successful design.

4. When you are ready and have a design you think will work, test it first. See if it will sell and on what. Make sure the quality is good. This is so very important! Purchase it yourself. If you are not excited enough to buy it at wholesale, don’t expect anyone else will at retail.

5. I was taught this principle by a very prominent art instructor and professional artist with deep roots in the business world, a mentor of mine. Never, Ever, Never discount your work… once you do you’ll never get back the amount you yourself depreciated it.


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