Dianne Meinke & Manager Cosmo Ohms Celebrate Her New Distribution Contract Through Warner Chappell South America Via Jan Cooper Music Publishing, & Her NRH Top40 AC 2016 Award

Miami, FL (July 17th, 2016)- Internationally acclaimed multi-Platinum Grammy Nominated award-winning singer-songwriter Dianne Meinke and her manager Cosmo Ohms (original light & Sound manager from the historial punk rock venue CBGB's – see bio/interview are celebrating her debut with distribution through Warner Chappell South America thanks to Jan Cooper Music Publishing.

Along with the continued Support of her fans and friends from around the world, her management team, Ms. Meinke has successfully secured multiple direct distribution contracts internationally including but not limited to Brazil, France, Spain, Australia, South Africa, South America & Asia and more.

For more than 24 weeks her new 2016 summer single "Ten Thousand More" has been climbing and topping multiple national charts - i.e.,Friday Morning Quarterback "" & New Music weekly.

“Dime Que No Decimos Adios'” another track from her project is Dianne's first Spanish record to make it to #1 on a mainstream chart at IMN. Both versions topped the charts at IMN bewteen 2015-2016.

The single releases can be found on her newly released CD "Lemonade, Freshly Squeezed" formally known as Lemonade and is available at ALL major outlets on the WEB. Hard copy personally signed CD's are also available here on the website. 

"The vision for this album came nearly 2 years ago while buried under an impossibly deep pile of life's lemons,so my heart feels overjoyed that it has finally materialized, and is turning into gallons and gallons of sweet lemonade" ~ Dianne

Ms. Meinke is a truly versatile artist who has captured the hearts of millions of fans worldwide with her sincere and genuine Acoustic Pop style, animations,art and message of love and happiness.

In the world of art: Currently a commissioned Art piece of Dianne's is fronting the showcase of “Hendrix Original Art Expressions” display for Jimi Hendrix Original Artwork at Caesar's palace forum in The Gallery of Music & Art in Las Vegas NV. ...her art is also Featured on the galleries home webpage.

Label: UVI Media Group, LLC
Release Date: Friday, July 1st, 2016

For more information, contact:
UVI Media Group LLC