I'm Just a Dreamer

I'm Just a Dreamer was inspired one of my musical mentors Ozzy Osbourne. For nearly five decades now, Ozzy Osbourne has cultivated one of the most singular careers in music.

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Certainly Ozzy was much more than a dreamer...He was a doer with a clear vision for the adventure. Ozzy helped lay the foundation for heavy metal with Black Sabbath; he ushered in a new, more energetic sound for the genre on his early solo albums with the late Randy Rhoads; he helped make reality television what it is today by putting his family on the small screen with The Osbournes; and he provided a platform for up-and-coming heavy bands with his many installments of Ozzfest. Through it all, he's kept a wry sense of humor and a rare humility about him. Ozzy has been cleverly successful in capturing the newer generations and continually growing his fan base.  https://diannemeinke.threadless.com/designs/im-just-a-dreamer-by-dianne