I'm not Weird - I'm a Limited Edition


Shock-rocker icon Alice Cooper dressed as a ghoul is known for his anti norm behavior on stage in live performances. His brand of rock was about breaking taboos and being decadent. Although there is a gentle side behind his performance on stage he never compromised being himself. The inspiration for this painting and the look in his eyes in the painting is one of anticipation of what might possibly happen next?

Alice understands all too well that things happen in life. He'd learned to roll with them and remain uniquely himself. We are all weird in some way, and all one of a kind Limited Edition's. There will never be another you.  So go ahead make mistakes, go for the gusto...give it try. At the very least  you'll be able to laugh at yourself which is absolutely the best medicine for life's mistakes. It's part of the game we call life. You only get one go around. https://diannemeinke.threadless.com/designs/limited-edition-by-dianne


"Mistakes are part of the game. Mistakes are part of the game. It's how well you recover from them, that's the mark of a great player." Alice Cooper #quote