Supernatural (Tribute to Stevie Nicks)

Legendary singer-songwriter Stevie Nicks – Supernatural maker of myths, wearer of shawls, tipping black top hats spent 4o years in the world of showbiz. Steve remains “the fairy godmother of rock ‘n’ roll,” ....and rightfully so. When she started her solo career. After Fleetwood Mac She didn’t have a band, she didn’t have a single and she didn’t have anyone to produce her record. She basically stole the Heartbreakers from Tom Petty, stole his producer Jimmy Iovine and then stole their next single, which was “Stop Draggin’ My Heart Around.” That's really when her solo career took off. 



It's not hard to imagine why Stevie made my list of most favorite women rock icons I wanted to paint. I did about a half a dozen sketches before I had one that popped. When I was ready to take it to the canvas, I made the decision to paint it on a live stream hang-out. During the stream and comments afterwards every so often I would ask the viewers if they knew who it was. 

After several days of painting I had fair amount of responses but no one guessed Stevie....up until this past Saturday. I was riding around town doing some errands and while at the store my cell phone lit up with a notification. I looked once, then twice...and I was like wow wow wow, someone just guessed it! Jacques Martinez from Oregon guessed Stevie. I thought...this guy deserves a prize. I need to make a big splash for him on the stream. Super Congrats Jacques. I can't wait to send you the first poster signed and made out to you.