The Secret is no longer a Secret

I received a message on YouTube just the other day almost exactly a month after being notified of a licensing agreement for my song "The Secret";  from my "I Heart U" CD. I was thrilled to receive a comment from a student who had been awarded a leading role in the concert and production at his school in Australia.


"We're doing this song in my schools concert and the solo: But of course the robin knows it best because she built the- i shant tell the rest- and laid the four little- somthing in it- im afraid i shall tell it- this very minute! Its this but a different version and i got solo for it"  Astrid Northtree

Thanks to my Publisher, Jan Cooper Publishing and Warner-Chappell my music has made it's way and been welcomed into every imagination-able & unimaginable country touching lives in ways I never thought possible. The only thing left on my wish list here and it's not fame and fortune, but to be able to attend a show such as this one and hear someone else performing it.

I would love to attend this concert in Australia and just be a fly on the wall. Dreams really do come true.  And sometimes, more often than not...The real life version is in Technicolor and manifests better you could have EVER imagined! :) 

The Secret by Dianne 2013 ©  (words, music & animated video by Dianne D Meinke)