One Love - A Tribute to Bob Marley

One Love - A Tribute to Bob Marley

One Love - A Tribute to Bob Marley

Bob Marley's story of how he rose from the Slums to Change the World with His Music is truly an inspiration. Born Robert Nesta Marley on February 6, 1945, in St. Ann Parish, Jamaica, Bob Marley was the son of a white 60-year-old plantation overseer and a black 19-year-old country village girl.

He lived in the slums of Jamaica in his early childhood, which usually leads to creating a mindset of blaming, negativism, revenge, hopelessness, and more. Instead, his heart was full of love, gratitude and joy. He first achieved that by using the hardships to come out stronger.

Much like Jimi Hendrix, the first challenge life brought him that had to do with finding his identity, was his mixed race  which led him to being bullied. His mother named him Nesta. However, the official institutions didn’t like it and changed it to Robert. 

He became the King of Reggae despite all the obstacles against him. His mindset about the adventure of life is what made him truly happy. He was a committed Rastafari who infused his music with a sense of spirituality. He is credited with popularizing reggae music around the world and served as a symbol of Jamaican culture and identity.

Diagnosed with acral lentiginous melanoma in 1977, Marley died on 11 May 1981 in Miami at the young age of 36. 

One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain.” #BobMarley

"I am grateful to Bob Marley for his infectious musical style, his smile, his outlook on love & life;  and most importantly the impact he had on people of the world. He is truly an icon and left us all way too soon." Dianne