Dream On


"Dream On"


When I made the decision to brand my own artwork after working with Jimi Hendrix's Original Fine Art Collection for so long, I started where I was most comfortable. I began the journey in a style not too dissimilar from what I was doing with his art. The Dream On design actually originates from a painting which I painted while I was studying him. I painted a second painting of that work inspired by the first.

The title of the piece “Dream On” is quite fitting.

Dream on represents continuing the dream. If we can dream it we can do it. I had already done what I never thought possible when I first picked up a brush, I had worked with the artwork of quite possibly the most well known guitarist in history, one of my absolute favorite inspirations. I ... actually saw Jimi's individual hand strokes on his artwork as pixels and dots, and could tell which direction he drew them....imagine that? I was actually living in my dream in real life. ...then I asked myself  “...is there really anything left in front of me now that's impossible?

No...Keep the dream alive...Dream On...!”




I use a Sketch book, #2 pencil, fine tipped black marker, white sewing pencil, black gesso, 16 x 20 canvas, Liquitex acrylic paint, Liquitex, Zen & Simmons brushes, Mod Podge Glazing (gloss), Large floor A-frame or Lyre easel.


The Process

The same as always, (and I smile) I need to feed my analytical half of the brain every so often. I have a system, a process I follow now, without fail it works. It always begins with the sketch book, then the painting on canvas with my sewing pencil, acrylic paint & then Mod Podge glaze as a finish coat. I scanned the painting in at 600 dpi, and then manipulated it in Photoshop adding the right text for the designs title to fit the T shirt or product it was destined to go on. 

Dianne m2.jpg


What's coming next?

"I Defy Gravity" ( a Marilyn Monroe Tribute)  Stay tune..



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